Worx Nitro WG761 80V Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, 4 Batteries





  • Worx NITRO outdoor tools provide gas-like power, performance, and run time
  • 80V self-propelled lawn mower with rear-wheel drive and variable-speed control
  • High-efficiency brushless motors run 50% longer, are 25% more powerful
  • Power Share PRO batteries—extended run times, heat and impact protection
  • Auto-Intellicut™ Technology adjusts performance to grass conditions


The Worx Nitro WG761 80V Power Share Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Rear Wheel Drive and Four 5.0Ah Batteries combines innovative engineering and cutting-edge battery technology for a powerful 80V cordless lawn mower that outperforms standard battery-powered mowers. Offering more performance and wide-ranging functionality it’s built to handle larger, more challenging lawns. Part of the Nitro Series, designed to bring more power and longer run times to outdoor products, with professional-grade features to get lawn & garden work done faster with impressive results.

Efficient Power

This 80V self-propelled lawn mower uses a high-efficiency brushless motor for 25% more power, 50% more run time, and 10% longer life than comparable motors based on a brush design. The high-capacity Power Share PRO intelligent batteries deliver extended run times, increased heat dissipation, and enhanced impact protection. They are also compatible with all Worx 20V, 40V, and 80V products. So you can use the four 5.0Ah batteries that come with this mower to power over 75 tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products on the Power Share platform–every drill and saw, every blower, every trimmer, and more.

Automatically Adjusts

This 21″ cordless lawn mower uses Auto-Intellicut Technology to automatically adjust to the grass conditions. It adds torque in tougher patches of grass and dials it back down for the less challenging stretches to conserve battery. The single-lever height adjustment feature lets you quickly switch between 7 different positions. You don’t need to use two or four levers to make a simple height adjustment. And this 21″ cordless lawn mower has a durable steel cutting deck with Nutricut™ dual-stage mulching capabilities for a healthier lawn. And with single-lever mode changes, you can easily go from bagging to side-discharge to mulching. The Nitro Series was built for professional-grade performance, with professional-grade functionality and specs for professional-grade results. Extended run times and advanced technology give Nitro products the Power to Outperform.


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