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  • 2 Treasure Blocks contain 20 ancient Treasure replicas to uncover
  • Wooden Mallet and Chisel let kids chip away at the treasure blocks
  • Dust off findings with the Brush to clean them up for inspection
  • Use Magnifying Glass to study findings, from Egyptian relics to stones
  • Follow the Treasure Map and crack secret codes to solve a Cryptogram
  • Protective Goggles will keep eyes safe from debris
  • Learn facts and history behind each object uncovered


Uncover buried treasure with this ArtSkills Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Kit! Each digging kit includes 20 ancient artifact replicas to discover and excavate with the included digging tools. Carefully chisel and brush away dust to reveal the fun hidden treasures. This kit makes a perfect activity for young scientists and future archaeologists!

Learn with Epic Lab Science Kits

Science activity kits are great for young, curious minds. Aside from just having fun digging up treasure, kids will learn historical facts about each artifact, hone their fine motor skills, and gather clues to solve a cryptogram. Excavation kits encourage curiosity and a passion for discovery. This is great enrichment for children, who can take these skills with them into their education and their future!

Excavate and Discover

This Epic Lab Archaeology Dig Kit teaches kids about the history behind many different types of buried ancient artifacts and gemstones. 2 Bricks filled with treasure are included for young archaeologists to excavate. With the Hammer and Chisel Digging Tools, children can chip away at the block to reveal the treasures inside. They will be able to find and inspect 7 Artifacts (a Roman Coin, Native American Arrowhead, Goddess Bastet statue, Osiris statue, Horus statue, Egyptian Burial Mask and Queen Nefertiti statue) and 13 Minerals (Turquoise, Milky Quartz, Ruby, Jade, Topaz, Aquamarine, Danburite, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Fluorite, Obsidian, Peridot and Citrine).

Solve a Cryptogram Puzzle

Children can learn facts about each treasure they discover and use clues to solve a Cryptogram, revealing a secret message. They can build their problem-solving and code-breaking skills while learning about Ancient Egyptian relics, gemstones and minerals, and other historical artifacts.

What’s Included?

This Epic Lab You Can Dig Archaeology Excavation Kit includes the following:

  • 2 Treasure Bricks containing 7 Artifacts and 13 Gemstones/Minerals
  • 2 Wooden Digging Tools (Hammer and Chisel)
  • Inspection Brush
  • Play Magnifying Glass
  • Play Goggles
  • Clean-Up Mat
  • Treasure Map
  • Cryptogram


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